Why I Love Coconut Oil

Let’s talk about COCONUT OIL!

While coconut oil isn’t the cure-all it’s sometimes made out to be, it definitely has some perks – both cooking-related and not. And in our home coconut oil actually is used more in the bathroom than in the kitchen. So, here are my favourite non-cooking uses for it:

  • Eye make-up remover:  A number of months ago I read that coconut oil is an effective eye make-up remover. I gave it a try that same evening and I was sold! Simply rub some coconut oil on your closed eyes and wipe off with a damp face cloth while washing your face. No sketchy ingredients, totally natural, moisturizing, and super effective!
  • Cellulite: I know cellulite is totally normal, but that doesn’t mean I like it, lol. I’ve tried different creams & gels, but I’ve found coconut oil to be way more effective (not to mention WAY cheaper!) than any of those products. Apply it anywhere you have cellulite and let it absorb a bit before you get dressed (as it takes some time to absorb into your skin). I like to apply it right after I shower and let it absorb while I finish getting ready, particularly when I shower in the evening instead of the morning so that way any excess is just getting on my pajamas rather than on my outfit for the day.
  • Body Moisturizer:  More and more people are starting to look for safer skincare products, and for good reason since some of the ingredients commonly used in many skincare products have known harmful health effects. Enter coconut oil! This oil is super moisturizing – plus you smell like a tropical island! 🌴 As I mentioned above, it does take some time to absorb into your skin, so be sure to give yourself enough time before getting dressed. My favourite is using it as a moisturizer on my feet and hands before bed. A note about using it as a face moisturizer… some people love it, but I found it to be a bit too heavy, so perhaps tread carefully 🙂

A friendly tip:  I fill a small container (like a small glass container or Rubbermaid container) with coconut oil and keep it in our bathroom with my skincare products. That way I can leave the giant tub in our pantry 🙂

An added bonus? Since coconut oil is solid at room temperature it’s GREAT for traveling, particularly if you’re like Stephen & I and only travel with carry-ons. You don’t have to worry about trying to fit another liquid in your ‘liquid bags’ when you go through security!

How do YOU like to use coconut oil! (Whether in the kitchen or outside of the kitchen)

[ And if you want to know about the health aspects of coconut oil, check out this helpful article from dietitian Abbey Sharp 🙂 ]

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