Best of 2017

A year ago Monday I launched The Dietitian Kitchen. It was born out of a desire to equip you with the necessary knowledge, tools, encouragement, and inspiration to live your healthiest life – body + soul + spirit. It’s been a fun (and challenging!) journey thus far and I’m looking forward to continuing to share practical, evidence-based nutrition advice, recipes, and encouragement with you in 2018! So THANK YOU for coming along on this journey with me; for reading and sharing my posts, giving me feedback, and letting me know how The Dietitian Kitchen is changing your life.

I thought it would be fun to revisit the most popular posts from 2017, with the winner being….

I Hate Moderation!

(second and third place go to What’s in my… Fridge? and How I Learned You Are Not What You Weigh)

I hope you enjoy this little walk down memory lane 🙂  I want to make sure The Dietitian Kitchen stays relevant to you, so please feel free to send me blog post topics you’d love to read about.

May 2018 be an incredible year for you in every area of your life!

Much love,


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