Hi there and welcome to The Dietitian Kitchen!

The Dietitian Kitchen was born out of a desire to provide you with the knowledge, tools,  encouragement, inspiration to live your healthiest life – body + soul + spirit. I want to cut through the confusion that seems to pervade the world of nutrition and give you practical information that you need to begin making changes today.

Let me introduce myself… My name is Kristy Leavitt and I’m a registered dietitian in beautiful Calgary, Alberta. By day I work at a local hospital and by night/weekend I run The Dietitian Kitchen. I believe every single one of us was created to live healthfully and I’m passionate about equipping and empowering people to do just that. I believe food is meant to be ENJOYED, not feared or felt guilty about. I believe the number on the scale does not determine your health and, most importantly, does not determine your worth. I believe in eating primarily whole foods in a way that’s socially responsible, considering the treatment and care of animals and the planet. I believe ‘healthy eating’ doesn’t have to be confusing, time-consuming, or expensive, and that the effort put in is well worth the reward. And I believe cooking is central to healthy eating, which is why you’ll find lots of ideas and tips here to help you become comfortable (or more comfortable) in your kitchen so you can create beautiful, delicious, and good-for-you meals and snacks. When I’m not working, you can find me with my wonderful husband Stephen and our three adorable cats, having tea with a good friend, reading, volunteering at our church, or, of course, baking or cooking.


As a registered dietitian, I’m passionate about food and the science of nutrition. Like all regulated health professionals (ie. nurses, pharmacists, etc), dietitians undergo comprehensive and rigorous training, both in universities and on the job. You can finding us working everywhere, including in healthcare, the food industry, education, business, government, and many other places. We collaborate with our patients, clients, communities, the public, and industry and government leaders to deliver reliable, life-changing advice.
What will you find at The Dietitian Kitchen? A combination of practical nutrition info and ideas to translate that info into your everyday life, cooking tips and recipes, new food products that I love, encouragement to inspire you to create a healthier life, and how you can get involved in creating a healthier environment and world. (there may also be the occasional cute cat photo…) Be sure to subscribe here so you’re notified every time I post (which is typically once per month). I’d also love to chat on social media! Follow The Dietitian Kitchen on Instagram and like The Dietitian Kitchen on Facebook .

However you found your way here, I’m glad you did. My goal is that this blog gives you the necessary information, encouragement, and inspiration to equip you to live your healthiest life, so I want to hear from you! Comment below with what would you want to learn, what questions you’d love for me to answer, and anything else you’d like to share!